BRIDGES with Seamus Blake - Live in Norway

BRIDGES with Seamus Blake - Live in Norway



BRIDGES is a modern, Nordic jazz project with a clear vision; a vision to create an expression that is highly unique by constructing new musical bridges between Norway and other parts of the world. The construction of these musical bridges will help to link different worlds of jazz together and ultimately lead to the creation of new and exciting music.

This digital release is a short documentation of BRIDGES with Seamus Blake´s European tour in Scandinavia, United Kingdom and France during September 2017. 

It was recorded live in concert at Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo, Norway and thereafter mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug in legendary Rainbow Studio.

Seamus Blake - saxophone, Hayden Powell - trumpet, Espen Berg - piano, Jesper Bodilsen - bass, Anders Thorén - drums

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