Aloft Quartet - First Year

Aloft Quartet - First Year



«First Year» is the debut album of jazz ensemble Aloft Quartet and features original compositions by all of the members of the ensemble.

An album that showcases a diverse blend of inspiration from today's modern American jazz, combined with a recognizable nordic sound. One can hear the detailed and intimate musical interactions building up under the melodies. Interesting soundscapes are generated by layering subtle effects over the natural sound from their instruments by questioning the instruments roles in different ways.

With highly structured chord progressions and melodies, combined with distinct improvisation, the album will take the listeners on a journey of joy, melancholy and rapture, with songs composed to reach further than just to the listeners ears.

Simon Balvig - saxophones, Rasmus Sørensen - piano, Jon Henriksson - double bass, Amund Kleppan - drums


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