Gro-Marthe Dickson - D-lovely / Uten deg

Gro-Marthe Dickson - D-lovely / Uten deg



«Uten deg» is the debut of Gro-Marthe Dickson and her Cole Porter project «D-lovely».

On this recording, Dickson is putting her mark on the music by interpreting and re-poeming a few of the lyrics from his wide collection into Norwegian language.

The idea for the project was already born during music studies in Kristiansand in 2007, but it was not until 2015 it became a reality, when Dickson and guitarist Aksel Westlund met through a common interest in Cole Porter’s music. After two rehearsals and a debut concert, «D-lovely» was made.

An intent of the project is aiming to present jazz music with a sensibility that brings out unexposed sides in the music of one of the great composers in the era of popular music. The music, which in its original form is showtunes and Tin Pan Alley pop, has been through a type of recycling. It is presented in rather traditional swing- and latin arrangements (made by Dickson and Westlund), but with harmonic variations that pillars the message of the Norwegian lyrics.

Gro-Marthe Dickson – vocals and lyrics, Aksel Westlund – guitar, Håkon Norby Bjørgo – bass, Magnus Sefaniassen Eide - drums

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