Audun Trio - Elegy

Audun Trio - Elegy



Audun Trio is a Norwegian piano trio that originates from Oslo - and "Elegy" is the trio's second album with originally composed music. The band has worked together since the autumn of 2015 and has, through many hours of practice and gigs around the kingdom of Norway, created a very exciting musical universe. Composer and arranger Audun Barsten Johnsen is looking for magical moments, created in the present and is willing to let things go to make it happen. On this album Håkon Norby Bjørgo and Magnus Sefaniassen Eide are also involved in the composition and arrangement process.

The music is alive, searching and full of drive. Unlike the debut album “Rondane", this album is more about taking chances and presents a different soundscape.

The title "ELEGY" refers to grief. And, as used in English literature, it often appears in the context of death but also that someone cares with extreme passion. The title track, Elegy, is a song Audun wrote in 2012, and is one of the heaviest compositions on the album. It is something beautiful to grab in grief, and can be one of the most beautiful feelings hat we experience as humans.

Audun Barsten Johnsen - piano, Håkon N. Bjørgo - bass, Magnus S. Eide - drums

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