Nordic Circles - Winter Rainbow

Nordic Circles - Winter Rainbow



Nordic Circles is a new and unique nordic jazz project. The core idea is to bring together the elite of known and unknown Nordic jazz musicians in a collaborative and spontaneous process to create a unique expression that highlights nordic improvisational music.

Winter Rainbow is the first release in a series of recordings that will feature unique constellations of nordic top musicians.

This recording combines the melancolic beauty in Tore Johansen´s trumpet playing and Helge Lien´s brilliant playfullness on the piano, with Per Orvang´s warm and atmospherical guitar playing. The complexity of this trio rests on a steady and dynamic rhythmical foundation, built by Anders Ljungberg and Anders Thorén.

Stylistically the music can be placed in the lyrical part of the spectrum. The material is written by the majority of the quintet to achieve greater depth of music that clearly represents the uniqueness of this collaborative project.

The recording took place in Rainbow Studio in Oslo, September 2014, with the legendary sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug.

Helge Lien – piano, Tore Johansen – trumpet, Per Orvang – guitar, Anders Ljungberg – bass, Anders Thorén – drums

- 4/5 stars - Jazzwise Magazine (UK)

- 4/5 stars - Jazz Journal (UK)

- Voted as a Top 10 Jazz Record in 2015 - Jazz Perspective (JP)

"An album of deep but buried emotion, contemplative and atmospheric." - Patrick Hadfield / London Jazz News (UK)

"A cool and colourful beauty of an album" - Per A. Risnes jr. / DN (NO)

"Beautiful and melodic music performed by top-musicians" - Tor Hammerø / Tor de jazz (NO)

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