Nordic Circles - Under the Clouds

Nordic Circles - Under the Clouds



Nordic Circles is a Norwegian jazz project that aims to create unique jazz recordings through the collaboration between well-known and young performers within the Nordic jazz genre. The idea is also to extract new and exciting music by geographical diversification within the Nordic region.

Under the Clouds is the second release in a series, and the sequel to the internationally praised debut Winter Rainbow that featured pianist Helge Lien and trumpeter Tore Johansen among others.

Under the Clouds features the young and promising vocalist Siril Malmedal Hauge, the grammy winning Swedish pianist Lars Jansson, Danish star bassist Jesper Bodilsen, ECM guitarist Jacob Young, up and coming saxophonist Magnus Bakken and drummer/producer Anders Thorén.

The music can be described as bright, open and reflective with a repertoire that ranges from atmospheric ballads and loose, meditative pieces to more groove-oriented compositions. 


Siril Malmedal Hauge´s original and expressive vocals and Lars Jansson's playful lyrical virtuosity on the piano, is emphasized by a stable yet creative foundation built by Jesper Bodilsen and Anders Thorén. Jacob Young's atmospheric guitar playing creates depth in the soundscape and saxophonist Magnus Bakken colours brilliantly on top of it all.

Siril Malmedal Hauge - vocals, Lars Jansson - piano, Jacob Young - guitar, Magnus Bakken - saxophone, Jesper Bodilsen - bass, Anders Thorén - drums

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