NilasaliN was founded in 2013 and has exclusively focused on original material ever since. Throughout the years, the band has been working hard on their music as well as performing live, which has resulted in strong musical interplay.

The melody is the main focus in NilasaliN’s compositions and the amalgamate of trombone and guitar as the main voices, results in a unique soundscape. The music presented is a blend of both highly composed material and freer musical segments. The ensemble takes advantage of the possibilities that the broad lineup has to offer by using various orchestrations, as well as dividing the band into trio, duo, quartet, quintet and solo format.

NilasaliN has a sound that embraces a wide range of genres, with elements of Norwegian folk music, rock, pop to free improvisation. Nevertheless, the band is primarily working within the modern, Scandinavian jazz idiom.

Nils Andreas Granseth - trombone, Magnus Jønnum Grimnes - guitar, Martin Sandvik Gjerde - piano, Stian Andreas Egeland Andersen - bass, Magnus Sefaniassen Eide - drums

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