Jerve / Thornton / Thorén - Circumstances

Jerve / Thornton / Thorén - Circumstances



«Circumstances» is the debut album by Jerve / Thornton / Thorén. The title was inspired by the unforseen events and circumstances that brought the trio together earlier this year.

Things do not always work out the way you want them to but, the consequences of unforseen changes and events can sometimes lead to great opportunities. There was an unexpected, obvious and instant magic in the encounter and interaction of this trio. 

Following only one rehearsal and a concert, the album «Circumstances» was recorded in a two-hour studio session. The trio is made up of the talented pianist Kjetil Jerve from Ålesund, who recently released his debut album “New York Improvisations” with the well-known saxophonist Jimmy Halperin among others; British star bassist Tim Thornton who plays with Eric Alexander and Jason Rebello; and Swedish drummer Anders Thorén who plays in projects with master saxophonist Seamus Blake and the grammy-winning Swedish pianist Lars Jansson.

The music on «Circumstances» can be described as modern, lyrical jazz with a strong rhythmical presence and harmonic dexterity. The material is a combination of Jerve and Thornton's compositions, collective improvisation and music by masters such as Bill Evans, Allan Holdsworth and Cole Porter.

The album was recorded in legendary Rainbow Studio on September 1, 2017 and was mixed by Peer Espen Ursfjord and mastered by Aleksander Sjølie.

Kjetil Jerve - piano, Tim Thornton - bass, Anders Thorén - drums

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