Holum Trio - Borte

Holum Trio - Borte



Holum Trio is a unique non-chordal ensemble that explores a blend of improvised music and modern pop with a sound that is outgoing and accessible, yet multi-layered and open. And with an untraditional combination of instruments where the musicians create melodic and dynamic layers that allows a simple melody to create tension. While their debut album «Heim» (home) was inspired by the bands roots, this album crosses musical and cultural borders. The band members has travelled a lot since their first album and brings new cultures and musical impressions into this project. 

«Borte» is a summary of the trios musical journey and consists of African rhythms, Arabic tonalities, Nordic harmony and European free jazz with one foot safely planted in their roots. 

 Vegard Kvamme Holum - trumpet, Stian A.E. Andersen - bass, Øystein Aarnes Vik - drums

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