Gagliardi/Albrigtsen/Thornton/Thorén - The Trip

Gagliardi/Albrigtsen/Thornton/Thorén - The Trip



The Trip is the result of a pilgrimage to Rome in the spirit of great jazz and the love for cucina povera. The initial idea came about mid-2018 in Oslo when Anders Thorén, Odd Steinar Albrigtsen and Gianni Gagliardi joined musical forces.

The Spanish rising star saxophonist Gianni Gagliardi was at the time stationed in Oslo to complete his masters degree at The Royal Academy of Music. Drummer and producer Anders Thorén took initiative and invited guitarist Odd Steinar Albrigtsen and later British bass player Tim Thornton to form the musical foundation of the project. 

The music on the album can be described as modern, melody-driven jazz with the combination of influences from both the American and the Scandinavian traditions. With lots of room for improvisation, Gagliardi and Albrigtsen´s dexterity gets to shine on top of a solid foundation created by Thornton and Thorén.

Gianni Gagliardi - tenor saxophone, Odd Albrigtsen - guitar, Tim Thornton - bass, Anders Thorén - drums

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