Emil Brattested - Apply Your I

Emil Brattested - Apply Your I



Apply Your I is the first solo record by Norwegian guitarist and composer, Emil Brattested. The album consists of solo pieces for the acoustic guitar and for the pedal steel guitar, both composed and improvised.

The music was written while Emil Brattested studied for a masters degree in jazz performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and was inspired by listening to solo recordings of different instruments, form different genres and periods - where the idea is to allow the sound of one single instrument to occupy all of the sonic space. 

The music performed on the pedal steel guitar is more impressionistic and ethereal, and is ‘more about exploring the sonic possibilities of the instrument. Mainly its unusually broad register, and of course the opportunities for smooth voice-leading, extended glissandi and long sustain. These tracks are probably, consciously or not, also inspired by early 1900s classical music and modern jazz. Although they are mainly inspired by the instrument and its unique voice.’

Emil Brattested - acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar

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