ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Norvald Dahl Organic Chamber

This drum-less "chamber group" is a unique addition to the world of jazz as well as the contemporary classical tradition. With original compositions, ranging from 12-tone music to poly-rhythmical and poly-harmonic concepts, combined with spontaneous interplay and free improvisation, ´Organic Chamber´ is always fresh and challenges the ear of the listener. 

A rather unusual lineup of piano, bass and Mezzo soprano saxophone leaves a lot of open space where textures and overtones can shine and come through. 


Norwegian born pianist Norvald Dahl (b.1978) is now a master student at the highly acclaimed Norwegian academy of music in Oslo. He has been touring and playing professionally for the past ten years, and is associated with groups like the "Wayne Brasel Quartet" and his own quartet, the "Norvald Dahl trio plus Jon Irabagon". Dahl grew up surrounded with music, in particular folk music, and and discovered the piano at early age. He soon discovered improvisation and found jazz to be the perfect vehicle for him to express his musicality. In his playing he combines influences from legends like Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans, and blends with lyricism from Norwegian folk music and a classical tone on the piano. Dahl has been touring and playing with Jon Irabagon since 2012, and wanted to form a new group with Jon playing the rather unusual ´F´ saxophone (mezzo soprano). 

Jon Irabagon (b.1979) is an award-winning american saxophonist (winner of the Thelonius Monk Jazz Competion among many others), well known from groups like Mostly Other People Do The Killing, Mary Halvorsen Quintet, Dave Douglas Quintet and much more. He has been recorded on over 100 albums and has already released 10 records as a leader.

Mats Eilertsen who appears on over 80 recordings (b.1975) is one of the highest ´in demand musicians´ in Europe. He is constantly working and touring with groups such as Skydive, Rubicon and Nils Økland group, and just finished a new recording with his own group ´Mats Eilertsen Trio´ for ECM. 

On ´Organic Chamber´ Mats shines with his in-depth knowledge of his instrument and personal touch, creating soundscapes and overtones that highlights the music. Together with Jon, who is also a virtuoso on the use of overtones and tweaking on the horn, they join forces and blend seamlessly with the sounds and overtones of Dahl´s piano. The result is nothing but a truly ´Organic Chamber´ experience.

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