Sondre Ferstad Ensemble - Minimal

Sondre Ferstad Ensemble - Minimal



Sondre Ferstad Ensemble is an eight piece band combining a classical string quartet and a jazz quartet, led by Sondre Ferstad, who is one of few professional jazz harmonica players on the European music stage.

“Minimal” is the ensemble’s debut album (produced by Ola Kvernberg), and is a solid statement from a young harmonica player, whose bringing out a big and warm sound from the small instrument. The compositions unify calmness, friction, and a sophisticated way of surrounding melodies with a strong harmonic signature.

The music on “Minimal” reflects Sondre’s influences from choral traditions from church music and Norwegian contemporary jazz music. After recording the album September 2017, the project took an unexpected direction, as Danish/Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen became involved.

Sondre Ferstad (harmonica), Vegard Lien Bjerkan (piano), Morten Berger Stai (double bass), Wilhelm Westerman (drums), Stefan Penjin (violin), Oliver Leonhard Bailey Dyb (violin), Björn Guo (viola), Astri Hoffmann-Tollaas (cello), Ola Kvernberg (bouzouki on Romskip II, perc on Pianomute)

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