Magnus Bakken Quartet - Cycles

Magnus Bakken Quartet - Cycles



The album «Cycles» is where American jazz meets the nordic jazz sound. The title «Cycles» reflects the many phases we go through in life. When one thing ends, another begins.

After four years at Berklee College of Music, Magnus has influences from both nordic jazz and the rich traditions in American jazz. It was cultural exchange, and a journey across the Atlantic ocean that inspired the album «Cycles». 

During his time at Berklee, Magnus studied with the saxophone master George Garonze. The mentorship developed into a friendship, and the interplay between the two is beyond generations and nationalities. 

«Cycles» was recorded in Propeller Studio, Oslo, July 2015. It is the debut album of saxophonist and composer Magnus Bakken.

Magnus Bakken - tenor & soprano saxophone, George Garzone - tenor saxophone, Jørn Øien - piano, Christian Meaas Svendsen - bass, Jon Audun Baar - drums

"An explosive debut by this talented and versatile young man" - Per Ivar Henriksbø / GD (NO)

"A successful debut album. Congratulations!" - Jan Granlie / Salt Peanuts (DK)

"We have a new, very promising voice on the saxophone amongst us." - Tor Hammerø / Tor de Jazz (NO)

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