Little Balcony / Lille Balkong

Little Balcony / Lille Balkong



Little Balcony is a Norwegian jazz-pop quartet from Oslo. Their music tries to capture the essence of variations in every day life. The album «Little Balcony» captures this through humor, seriousness and openness. With strong lyrics and melodies the group creates a compound expression that strengthen their stories.

The ensemble was established when the four members met at The Norwegian Academy of Music. The members has backgrounds from different genres and each member uses their own musical background to shape the music. On the album the band chose to concentrate the tunes into shorter versions with fever solos. This sharpens the focus to the melodies and the lyrical interaction and makes it a contrast to the live format. 

Thea Emilie Wang [vocals], Martin Sandvik Gjerde [piano], Henrik Sandstad Dalen [bass], Kenneth Enes Kristoffersen [drums]

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