Anders Thorén Quartet - Sources of Inspiration

Anders Thorén Quartet - Sources of Inspiration



This wonderful debut album by Anders Thorén Quartet, entitled “Sources of Inspiration”, gives a clear reference to the sources that inspired Anders Thorén to come back to music after a lenghty hiatus.  

Thorén has chosen one of his main mentors as featuring artist; the eminent, grammy-winning pianist Lars Jansson. Spillemanspris- winning (Norwegian grammy) bassist Frode Berg, and the upcoming saxophonist Børge-Are Halvorsen make up the rest of this solid line-up together with Thorén behind the drums.

The material is not original, but instead a selection of compostions that have been part of the inspiration for Thoréns return; composers such as Seamus Blake, Lars Jansson, and Marc Miralta among others. Stilistically the album is nicely varied with intense groove-based jazz, pretty ballads and improvised duo-segments.

Lars Jansson – piano, Børge-Are Halvorsen – saxophones, Frode Berg – bass, Anders Thorén – drums

"A strong debut album" - Roald Helgheim / Dagsavisen (NO)

"An album that makes you feel lighthearted and happy in the name of jazz." - JazzSpecial (DK) 


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