Amidst the jazz traditions of the US and Scandinavia, the Norwegian piano trio Briotrio has found their own unique sound. Memorable, down-to-earth melodies, followed by playful solos, and a rhythm section that offers solid interplay. Briotrio’s musical style seeks to establish communion with the listener, creating the ambience of a home concert, grooving from one end - to the other. Although primarily instrumental, the musicians add vocals to several songs, in accordance with their vision in creating colloquial music.

Briotrio was founded in 2015 by Arne Sjøen and Ingrid Steinkopf, who had been acquaintances for a length of time. Both of them being jazz musicians, they decided to found a band immediately as Arne moved to Bergen. Bassist Thomas Lossius, joined shortly after. The musicians are part of the Norwegian scene of ambitious upcoming jazz musicians, and are educated at prestigious universities in Norway and South Africa.

Ingrid Steinkopf - piano, Thomas Lossius - drums, Arne Sjøen - drums

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