ísa is a young band soaring high somewhere between Post Rock, Jazz Rock, Ambient og Indie music. The lyrics (some in Norwegian, some in English) revolves around existential experiences in growing up, and complicated trains of thought you never reach the end of. The group works collectively and with great prescence to create something beautiful and unusual, and to give something special out to the audience; with great freedom for each musician, in addition to big arrangements and unique songs.

The musicians are former students of the jazz course at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, the band has already been on three tours all over Norway, and in April 2017 they released their debut album, "Våren, om lenge” and in late 2018 their second album “ska te å bynne” on AMP.

Stian Unhjem (gutiars/vocals)

Magnus Falkenberg (bass/backing vocals)

Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (drums/backing vocals)