To widen our horizons further we have decided to hone in on our philosophy that we do not wish to limit ourselves when it comes to music. And, that great music is great music, to us!”. We are therefor opening up for a new and exciting AMP sub-category, the AMPLITUDE. Series. The music in this series will have clear influences of jazz but, will also branch out further towards other genres. This will open up for new listeners and reach a broader audience overall. 

Below we wish to highlight the releases in this series!


January 4, 2019

MIXCITY - Transeo (CD/LP/Digital)

MIXCITY´s new album TRANSEO draws influences from electric jazz, hip hop and pop music.
Ever since the band was formed in in 2000, it has never stopped growing, evolving, reinventing itself, at the whim of band leader Jean-Patrick Cosset's desires and travels, always taking in new artistic suggestions, open to multiples horizons - which sticks perfectly with the name of the band.

With this 6th album, Jean-Patrick Cosset and MIXCITY invite the audience to new artistic lands, a blend of the influences and people he met during this recording journey. Going back to the roots of the groove, MIXCITY brings a new sound to the table with a modern vision, with compositions with varied rhythms and harmonies, highlighted by a radiant production.

The featured collaborators on this record add their own personal touches, while sticking to the themes of the music and the lyrics in the songs:Grey Reverend ( Cinematic Orchestra / Brooklyn NY ) - Cheik Tidiane Seck ( FR / Malia ) - Mr. Reed ( Brooklyn NY ) - Brian Lopez  ( Xixa / Tuscon AZ )-Billy Sedlmayr ( Tuscon AZ ) - Raashan Ahmad ( LA ) - Baba Israel ( Soul Inscribed / NY )

Jean-Patrick Cosset (piano & hammond organ), Arthur Pelloquet (guitar and vocals), Sylvain Didou (electric & upright bass), Gilles Delagrange (drums)

AT032 Phonofile Cover.jpg

November 16, 2018

ísa - ska te å bynne (CD/LP/Digital)

ísa is a young band soaring high somewhere between Post Rock, Jazz Rock, Ambient og Indie music. The lyrics (some in Norwegian, some in English) revolves around existential experiences in growing up, and complicated trains of thought you never reach the end of. The group works collectively and with great prescence to create something beautiful and unusual, and to give something special out to the audience; with great freedom for each musician, in addition to big arrangements and unique songs.


Stian Unhjem (gutiars/vocals), Magnus Falkenberg (bass/backing vocals), Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (drums/backing vocals) 

Guest musicians:

Vegard Sandbukt (trumpet), Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll (tenor saxophone), Nils Andreas Granseth (trombone), Tina Lægreid Olsen (baritone saxophone), Martin Sandvik Gjerde (Fender Rhodes), Ingvild Th. Kristiansen (backing vocals), Thea Emilie Wang (backing vocals), Siri Byrkjedal (backing vocals), Aleksander Waaktaar (backing vocals)…/a…/ska-te-%C3%A5-bynne/1436391761…