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Balvig / Bülow / Christensen

Balvig / Bülow / Christensen started in 2012 as project band to explore jazz and improvisation. 

The trio has a strong vision is to fuse three individual artists and composers. Christian Balvig on the piano currently remarks himself as a composer and arranger working with major Scandinavian orchestras such as Copenhagen Philharmonics and Det Norske Blåsensemble. In this trio he gets the chance to truly shine as a pianist.

Frederik Bülow on the drums is the anchor of the trio with the most energetic and interactive passages to the most intense silences. He is busy on the nordic jazz scene because of his in depth understanding of a wide range of music. Adrian Christensen on the bass completes the band sound. He has a very modern jazz sound and a lot of afro behind his drive” - Peter Rahbek (Jazz Special - November 2015). As co-leader of bands like Bangin Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet and Abekejser he is pushing jazz in new directions.

Christian Balvig - piano

Adrian Christensen - bass

Frederik Bülow - drums